w/ Dj Würm & Destroyed temple

HHH is a new series of releases on Carpaccio Cathedrale coming from a residency called Hitchhiker. ⒽⒽⒽ residencies was created by Encastrable, an art duo who is part of Carpaccio.

The guest artist for HHH #2 is Gaspard Hers aka @djwurm who is a visual artist and an electronic music producer based in Brussels. He is also member of @enfancedemerde and a lot of really good shit on the WWW.

The 2 other tracks are from Paul Souviron aka @destroyed-temple and who’s half of Encastrable

The idea of HHH is simple: to invite an artist for a road trip by car, van or camping car, to produce music.
It’s a great excuse to look for and create new forms with the guest artist.
Each artist is invited to make field recordings during the trip in order to compose tracks. For this one, the travel was between Nancy and Luxembourg. We visited a tuning car rally, a wasteland sanatorium, a racing circuit, a pet shop and a motorway area.

You can also listen to the more complete experience of this road trip on @lyl_radio called « HHH drift recording »

visuel by Gaspard Hers
Encastrable project: Antoine Lejolivet & Paul Souviron

HHH #6 w/ Epsilove
HHH #5 w/ PPaulus
HHH #4 w/ Hajj
HHH #3 w/ Sale Garce
HHH #2 w/ Dj Würm
HHH #1 w/ Joachim Montessuis

♫ EP HHH #6 w/ Epsilove & Destroyed temple
♫ EP HHH #5 w/ PPaulus & Destroyed temple
♫ EP HHH #4 w/ Hajj & Destroyed temple
♫ EP HHH #3 w/ Sale Garce & Pectoflam
♫ EP HHH #1 w/ joachim Montessuis